Kop Vorm (4)
Oren (6)
Ogen (10)
Neus (5), Kin (6)
Snuit (5), Profiel (4)
Kortharige Pixiebob, zittend (foto door Helmi Flick
foto ©Helmi Flick
Lichaam Torso (11)
Poten ( 5), Voetent ( 5)
Staart (3)
Botstructuur (8)
Spieren (7 )
Vacht Lengte (4)
Structuur (7)
Patroon (5)
Kleur (5)
TICA rasstandaard
ALGEMENE OMSCHRIJVING: The goal of the Pixiebob breeding program is to create a domestic cat with a visual similarity to the North American Bobcat. The Pixiebob comes in shorthair and longhair varieties. The most notable characteristics of the Pixiebob are the deep-set, heavily hooded eyes, well-developed fleshy chin and short tail.
KOP Shape and Size: Medium to large inverted pear.
OREN Medium height, wide, deep base. Set as much on side as on top of head, slight outward tilt. Rounded top. Lynx tipping desirable, more
prominent on the longhair. Pale thumbprint on backs.
OGEN Medium-sized, heavily hooded soft triangle. Bushy brow.
Deep set, one eye width apart. Gold or Brown or Gooseberry Green
PROFIEL Slightly rounded forehead; concave curve, eye ridge to bridge of nose.
NEUS Wide, slightly convex.
Large brick nose leather. Slight nose bump.
SNUIT Full broad muzzle.
Fleshy gently rounded whisker pads.
Definite whisker break.
KIN Well-developed, fleshy, coarse fuzzy fur. Aligns with nose, obvious depth.
OPMERKINGEN Description of Chin/Muzzle/ Nose: Form an equal-sided soft diamond.
Torso: Substantial and rangy.
Medium to large in size. Prominent shoulder blades. Back not level, slight upward slope toward hips. Hips medium width, prominent, slightly higher than shoulder sloping
downward to tail. Deep flank, broad chest. Primordial belly pouch.
Females proportionately smaller than males.
Botten: Zwaar.
Spieren: Muscular build
POTEN Long, hind legs slightly longer. Muscular with heavy boning.
VOETEN Large, long, wide almost round, large fleshy toes.
All toes except dew claws must rest on floor pointing forward.
STAART Tail bone must be 2 inches minimum, maximum length to hock with leg extended. Articulated tail desirable, kinks and curls acceptable.
VACHT Lengte: Length (PB): Short stand-up coat
Belly hair longer
Length (PL): Medium, under 2 inches. Belly hair longer.
Structuur: Texture (PB): Soft and wooly, having loft. Is resilient to the touch.
Texture (PL): Soft, lying closer to the body than shorthair. Semi-dense.
Patroon: Small to medium spots; muted by ticking; random spotting preferred. Belly must be spotted.
KLEUREN All shades of Brown Spotted Tabby; mouse coat; reversed ticking; light color throat to belly; paw pads/hocks dark brown/black; tail tip
should be dark brown/black; white or cream band must surround eye;
mascara marking from outer corner down through cheek.
OVERIG Balans: Coat, color and pattern, secondary to type. Both coats facial hair is full and bushy, with downward growth pattern. Coat separates easily and is weather resistant.
Conditie: ALLOWANCES: Polydactyl; seven toes maximum. Broken mackerel pattern allowed. Seasonal color changes. White lockets.
FOUTEN Vacht: Belly too dark. Close lying (PB). Too long (PL).
Kop: Deficient chin or brow. Flat head.
Lichaam: Lacking primordial belly pouch. Narrow hips. Tail under 2 inches or past the hock. Cow hocking.
Voeten Poly toes, excluding dew claws, not touching table..
  Coat: Any color/pattern not described. Lack of ticking or pattern throughout coat. Ruff around neck (PL).H ead: Round eyes.
Body: Fine boning.
DISKWALIFICATIE Tail under 1 inch or full length tail.
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