Kop general shape, nose and profile, jaws and teeth, forehead, placement and shape of the ears, size, shape and placement of the eyes 25
Seychellois , zittend
© Alan Robinson
Oogkleur   15
Lichaam shape, size, bone structure, height of the legs and shape of the paws, length and shape of the tail 25
colour, markings and pattern patching body colour 20
quality and texture 10
Conditie   5
FIFe rasstandaard
ALGEMEEN Uiterlijk de ideale kat is slank, elegant, met lange aflopende lijnen, soepel en goed gespierd
Formaat middelgroot
KOP Vorm middelgtoot, in in verhouding tot het lichaam, well balanced; wedge shaped with straight lines
the wedge starts at the nose and gradually increases in width in straight lines on each side to the ears
there should be no whisker break in these two lines
the skull viewed in profile is slightly convex
Neus long and straight continuing the line from the forehead without any break
Snuit narrow
Kin of medium size
the tip of the chin forms a vertical line with the tip of the nose
OREN Vorm large and pointed, wide at the base
Plaatsing to continue the lines of the wedge
OGEN Vorm medium in size, neither protruding nor recessed
almond in shape and set slightly slanted towards the nose to be in harmony with the lines of the wedge
Kleur pure and limpid, bright intense blue
NEK   long and slender
LICHAAM Bouw long and svelte, well muscled but still dainty and elegant
the shoulders are not wider than the hips
POTEN   long and fine, in proportion to the body
Voeten small and oval
STAART   very long; thin, also at the base; tapers to a fine point
VACHT Structuur langhaar fine and silky of medium length on the body, slightly longer at the frill and shoulders and on the tail, which forms a plume no woolly undercoat
korthaar very short, fine, glossy, silky and lying close to the body. Almost no undercoat
Kleur points: mask in the face, points on ears, legs and tail
the colour on all the points should be as even as possible
the mask must not extend over the entire head but is connected to the ears by tracings of colour
body colour: even, slight shading on the flanks permissible but there must be a clear contrast between the points and the body colour
for colour varieties refer to the following tables
  pointed met wit
Zie patronen met wit varieteiten 01, 02 and 03
kleur ems-code
Solid point van/harlequin/bicolour SYL n/a/b/c/f/g/h/j/o/p/q/r 01/02/03
tabby point van/harlequin/bicolour SYL d/e 01/02/03
OPMERKINGEN oogkleur bright intensive blue
  overig faint stripes on the head, legs and/or tail are not to be penalized as faults.
FOUTEN lack of colour on the legs
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