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Minskin met harlekijn tekening
foto © G.Child


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VOORLOPIGE TICA rasstandaard


The Minskin was developed as a hybrid breed by combining both dominant and recessive, mutation genes. Selectively cross-breeding the hairless Sphynx with the short statured Munchkin with allowable out-crossing to domestic cats which conform to the breed standard but are of unknown or unregistered ancestry. (Thus promoting a large gene pool) The Minskin is NOT to be mistaken as a Sphynx with short legs OR a Munchkin without fur. But rather an extraordinarily, unique cat that appears to have a hairless torso with short, soft velvety fur on the outer points and distinctive short legs. The Minskin should be an overall well rounded, solid, healthy but unusual looking cat. Both adults and kittens may have some wrinkling to the skin; being much more apparent in kittens. The lack of a full coat is the result of a natural spontaneous recessive gene. The body is covered with very fine down giving the appearance of hairlessness. The cat feels quite warm to the touch. Short, soft, velvety fur should be present on the mask, ears, tail, feet, legs and scrotum. Whiskers and eyebrows may be present, sparse, broken or absent. The distinctive short legs occurred from a natural spontaneous autosomal dominant mutation. This gene causes the desired shortening and mild bowing of the long bones in the front and rear legs. Their short stature does not hamper mobility or quality of life. Minskins are sweet tempered, outgoing and respond well to being handled.



Rounded, wider than long.
Formaat: In proportion to body. Larger in males.
Schedel: Slightly rounded.
Profiel: Strong stop.
Jukbeen:: Prominent.
Snuit/Kin: Strong muzzle with distinctly prominent whisker pads. Firm chin.



Broad at base with slightly rounded tips. Open and alert.
Formaat: Medium-Large.
Plaatsing: Upright, neither lowset nor on top of head.



Formaat: Large.
Plaatsing: Set wide apart, giving an open alert expression.
Kleur: No relationship between coat and eye color. Deeper more vivid colors preferred.


Gentle concave curve between nose and brow, can have rise to a noticeable brow.


Well-defined, slightly rounded with a suggestion of squareness, with noticeable whisker break and prominent whisker pads. Medium to medium-long in length and blunt-ended when viewed in profile.



Vorm: Moderately rounded and well muscled.
Overig: Not overly long nor too short and thick.



Lengte: Medium.
Rug: Slight rise from shoulders to tail as the back legs are or may
Borstkas: Broad and well muscled.
Botstructuur: Medium but not fine boned.
Spieren: Hard and Muscular. Not delicate
POTEN Voor: Upper and lower forelegs equal in length.
Achter: Thigh and lower legs approximately equal in length, slightly longer than front legs.
Lengte: Short.
Botstructuur: Medium, may feel heavier with muscling.
Spieren: Firm and muscular.
Overig: Slight bowing in the front legs is allowed.
VOETEN Vorm: Oval to somewhat rounded.
Maat: In proportion to legs and body.
STAART Vorm: Tapering from base to tip.
Lengte: In proportion to body.
VACHT Short, soft, velvety fur should be present on the mask, ears, tail, feet, legs and scrotum. The body appears hairless but is covered with very fine down that is felt but not seen.
Textuur: Zacht
Snorharen: Kunnen aanwezig, spaarzaam, gerbroken of afwezig zijn
KLEUREN Alle kleuren zijn toegestaan
OVERIG Wavy, ‘Rex’ fur on the outer points. White lockets and buttons are permitted.
Sphynx / Munchkins and domestic shorthair cats not a member of a recognized breed.
  • Delicate or fine boned,
  • protruding sternum,
  • soft muscle tone,
  • cow hocked,
  • too cobby or foreign


  • Long hair on chest, tail or any other part of the body.
  • Sway back.
  • Any evidence of plucking, shaving, clipping or any other means of hair removal.
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Rita antwoordde #1603 14 mrt 2013 10:09
hallo, mijn vriendin is op zoek naar een miskinkitten liefst een vrouwtje, hebben jullie dat en wat kost zo een kitten.En heb je daar foto's van.Liefst zo snel mogelijk want ze is op het internet op zoek

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